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Receive professional staining and refinishing

Let us restore your old hardwood floors with our floor refinishing. With our professional help, your floors will be looking brand-new.


We can stain your floors with the color that you want. Choose from rich, dark hues and bright shades.


Each member of our team has plenty of professional experience when it comes to staining and refinishing. The process of restoring wood flooring is a craft that we take extremely seriously.

Get stains in all colors

Get stains in colors that match your style and your home perfectly. Choose from our wide selection of available colors. We have many different hues available for you

to consider.

Get exceptional, professional staining and refinishing for your wood floor when you

choose us!

List specifics of your services for me

• Sanding

• Stripping

• Sealing

• Refinishing

• All color staining

Quality polyurethane

Get great, professional finishes that are done using high quality polyurethane. Choose from water or oil based polyurethane. For stubborn stains use floor cleaner on a soft cloth directly on stain, wiping with the grain.

Let our skilled professionals transform your home and

your floors!

Types of Floor Care

• Urethane Finished Floors

• Wax Finished Floors

• European Oil Finished Floors

Cleaning & Preventive maintenance

• Most finish manufacturers DO NOT suggest wet mopping

• Never use household DUST TREATMENTS

• Always use manufacturers recommended cleaning  

  products or a hardwood floor cleaner recommended from

  Absolute Hardwood Floors LLC

• NEVER use wax over urethane finished surfaces. Never  

  use any other surface finished products over wax once

  wax has been applied

• Wipe spills immediately with soft lightly damp cloth,

  following up with cleaning solution and/or a dry soft cloth

• Never use petroleum-based floor cleaners for

  water based finishes

• For stubborn stains use floor cleaner on a soft cloth

  directly on stain, wiping with the grain

• When the floor loses its shine/luster, it's time to recoat.

  Screening (light sanding is required) applies a compatible

  finish of the desired luster shine level you prefer. High

  gloss will show wear area faster, as satin tends to give a

  waxed look

"Not The Biggest But The Best"

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